1. Women make men stupid.

    1. Mila Kunis
    2. Sandra Bullock
    3. Adriana Lima
    4. Kate Beckinsale
    5. Kari Wurher
    6. Jamie Pressly
    7. Sienna Miller
    8. Tera Patrick
    9. Rosie Jones
    10. Alyssa Milano

    That is just 10 examples of women who make me stupid.

    SexyWomen rock.

    (Source: latenightphilosopher)


  2. Jamie Pressly is so freakin Sexy.


  3. Jamie Pressly is so Sexy.


  4. Late Night Special……….Jamie Pressly is SO fucking Sexy.


  5. Jamie Pressly is so god damn Sexy.


  6. Jamie Pressly is so frickin sexy.


  7. Ravishing.


  8. Needed a little pick me up.  Been a crazy couple of weeks/hours and I needed some kind of “crack” to get me through.

    One of my favorite pics of her.  Long hair/short hair I do not care.

    Jamie Pressly is way too sexy to even think about bitching about something as miniscule as that.