1. Women make men stupid.

    1. Mila Kunis
    2. Sandra Bullock
    3. Adriana Lima
    4. Kate Beckinsale
    5. Kari Wurher
    6. Jamie Pressly
    7. Sienna Miller
    8. Tera Patrick
    9. Rosie Jones
    10. Alyssa Milano

    That is just 10 examples of women who make me stupid.

    SexyWomen rock.

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  2. Good god is Kate Beckinsale Sexy.

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  3. Kate Beckinsale ladies and gentlemen. So fucking Sexy.

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  4. Kate Beckinsale is so fuckin SExY. Ohh so Sexy.

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  5. Kate Beckinsale is so damn Sexy.


  6. Late Night Special……….Kate Beckinsale is extremely Sexy.


  7. Kate Beckinsale is really Sexy.


  8. Kate Beckinsale is beyond Sexy.


  9. So simple. So sexy.  Kate Beckinsale…..


  10. Yes she is even sexy in this picture.

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  11. Dear Encore.  How many more times are you going to show Serendipity? 

    Ohh man Kate Beckinsale is sexy.


  12. Do I even need to say it?